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Hey, hi, hello

Hey, Hi, Hello...

Hey, hi , hello.. well this is just great, first word in and I'm already screwing up! Just an everyday occurrence for me , Tracey ,32 from Birmingham. 

I've decided that now is the right time for me to delve into the world of blogging. I've always taken an interest as a reader and love to lose myself with so many wonderful ladies but as a blogger, no never. I mean me, who would even read what I have to say?

I'm a larger plus size girl, a girl that has no distinct career path, a girl that rents and does not own and for those completely judgemental folk a girl that has no husband ( yes I'm single at 32 ).

After completely selling myself with the above let me tell you why, if you have a spare ten minutes you may want to read or even just glance at my blog moving forward. I mean after all you could get to know me haha!!! 'Devina May - The other side of me' will hopefully be my voice. It'll be a blog of honesty including the many highs and lows of being a fat girl. However, I imagine that most of my time will spent talking about lifes true loves... shopping, wine, cheese, wine, eating out, wine, friendship and travel     ( which I completely adore and wish I could do so much more of ).

Even now, today as I type I sit in the worlds fleeciest pyjamas wishing that I was anywhere but here. I blame Julia Roberts for today's daydreaming, Eat Pray Love has me desperate to catch the earliest flight to Rome. To arrive in the cutest village where I have no choice but to learn the language, no choice but to get over my ridiculous hatred of spaghetti and most importantly no choice but to drink my weight in wine ( bet you wish you were fat now, right ).

Julia's now meditating in India which I'm taking as a subtle hint to shut down my laptop and focus on just one thing at a time...

Hopefully I'll see you around soon,



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  2. Hey pretty lady! Fellow plus size girl here (at 37 referring to myself as a girl I'm pushing it!) having met you through the slimming world Facebook community it's a pleasure to read more from you. As a large plus size lady (lady is even more hilarious), I have always looked on you with admiration, your friends, your travels, your sheer sass! I am pretty much a shut in, I have little to no confidence and can only dream if travelling, I don't even try to squeeze my ass into a plane seat so, I love vicariously through you! Having few genuine friends to spend my time with I often wish I lived closer to brum as I'm sure fate would have brought us together given how long we've been fb friends without having even met! Got to get that sorted this year, when I've passed my test! Looking forward to more posts of your beautiful fashion taste, days and nights out and vacationays with or without the Mitchells! Hahaha. Lots of love, keep going with this it's ace xx Kelly


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