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My Mane, under control..

My Mane

HOW?! How has it been 6 whole months since my last hair cut, my last colour?
I seem to go through phases of keeping on top of my regular trims, colours and the odd blow dry and then nothing. I guess maybe , just like everybody else life gets in the way. Family, friends, work commitments, ridiculous hours and money can impact every aspect of your life and apparently my hair maintenance too.

I've recently had a few months away from work to work on me and my health. Lots of free time, no fixed monthly income and a few holidays that were already planned have meant that certain things have had to be cut back financially, hence the state of my hair.

Things are now thankfully brighter in my world, with a new role that I adore however, not as bright as my hair it may seem.
It appears that after 6 months of no treatment, even silver shampoo can't save you and your balayage. My hair was looking more like a lion's mane than an actual head of hair, it had to change and quick.

My regular salon - Six One Six, who I totally trust with my hair, often show images of the amazing work of their apprentice via social media. Then it dawned on me... Apprentice = discounted rates but still with my salon expertise. 

A lightener, toner, cut and blow dry later and my hair felt amazing.
Especially after the state it arrived in, freshly washed, barely brushed and bright ginger in places. 

All in all, Thursday was a good day. New hair, my first ever blogger event followed by drinks with friends at The Botanist, Birmingham.

Hope your weeks going well,


(Can you tell I've started to watch Gossip Girl again? )


  1. This is me!! I've just had mine done after almost 18 months of nothing. I should have really let her cut more off but I'm always paranoid they'll cut more that I wanted off. Your's looks LUSH!!
    Jay Xo

  2. It doesn't look like this now.. love that just styled look! I need a personal hairdresser that comes everywhere with me xx


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