Sunday, 10 September 2017

A plus size Autumnal wish list

Up until today I have been completely adamant that we are still to expect some warm summer days throughout September, cause' that's what normally happens right, wrong!

It's the 10th of September and last night I was wearing a Polar bear onesie (complete with ears) and snuggled within two duvets. That is not normal for September however, I've come to accept that rather than praying for one last sandal day it's time to embrace the autumnal fashion that's been hitting the high street over the last few weeks.

Fashion wise, autumnal fashion screams cardigans and Chelsea boots to me. A sea of khaki and mustard will soon be taking over your high street and me ( if I'm lucky ). Chunky knit cardigans and patterned winter scarves will now be part of my daily wardrobe until I have to put on a decent winter coat. I'm not a 'winter coat' kind of girl and will hold out generally until my winter evenings are spent at the German Market, supping mulled wine and eating all the sausage.

My Current Wish List

New Look

River Island

Simply be

Indiana stud boots (wide fit)

Have you thought about the changes you'll be making to your wardrobe during the coming weeks? 

Do you have any Autumn must haves?

Happy Shopping my loves


Monday, 28 August 2017

The heat is on in Saigon (and the Hippodrome)

The heat is on in Saigon..(and The Hippodrome)

It's very rare that I get totally excited due to an email and pretty unheard of that I squeal at one (unless there's an amazing gig tickets to be released). But this time, the squeal was very much necessary. I had been invited by Brum Bloggers to attend the Hippodrome's launch of their summer menu as well as to a performance of Miss Saigon. Wow, simply WOW!

I'm a frequent visitor to the Hippodrome whether it be for a Matthew Bourne production which always happens to fall on my Birthday or a girly get together post Hurst Street cocktails. I simply adore the theatre, whether it be reliving an old classic or getting lost in something unknown. However, Miss Saigon is a show I was yet to see. It was discussed when announced in Birmingham but none of the girls took the lead on arranging the night and I for one could not bear to start another Whatsapp group. So, the thought of the performance along with a Miss Saigon inspired menu was truly exciting.

The night began at 6pm at the Hippodrome, in The Atrium (who knew this place was so big). I was greeted by a wonderful cocktail made specifically to suit the show and event. The deliciously named 'Sun and Moon' went down very nicely (all 4 of them) along with some wonderfully vibrant Pan Asian appetisers. As cheese has a huge place in my heart I was always going to fall in love with the goats cheese mousse, seriously tasty!

We were then seated in the Circle Restaurant for what my friends would describe as a 'taste sensation'.
For those dining at the circle there is a set price menu available, prices varying between two and three courses.We however, got to sample many taster plates from the summer menu.

Act I & II

Left to Right : a salt beef croquette with a mooli, shallot and caper salad and the most divine Vietnamese prawn summer roll which had just enough bite with the addition of sweet chilli. The star of this show for me was of course the goats cheese mousse with marinated tomatoes on crisp walnut toast, followed by the the vegetarian offering of white bean soup with basil pesto.

Clockwise : Yellow curried lentil SCOTCH EGG with asparagus and new potato salad. Please believe me when I say that this was just wonderful, surprising yet delicious. You'll then spot a pan seared fillet of coley with rice noodles, samphire, ginger and spring onion broth followed by a honey-brushed confit of duck leg with celeriac puree, bok choy and star anise jus. Last but believe me by no means least there was stunning chilli and coriander crusted pork tenderloin with soy and sesame braised savoy cabbage.

Curtain Call

After a wonderful first half, the interval had begun as we were making our mad dash to the Gowling WLG Suite, a hospitality area overlooking The Atrium. We were greeted with the prettiest of table settings and the most aesthetically pleasing desserts.

Left to Right : The most amazingly rich and delicious bitter chocolate tart with lychee, strawberry and mint compote, green tea panna cotta with a sesame tuille and the most enjoyable poached peach and pistachio cake with raspberries and vanilla set custard. The menu also offers a local cheese selection at a small additional supplement.

The Verdict

The girls and I will often make arrangements for a pre-theatre meal but have never as a group attended The Circle Restaurant, until now.The set menu is very reasonably priced and the service not only for us Brum Bloggers but other diners was impeccable throughout our dining experience. I look forward to returning and sampling the next theatre themed menu.

As previously mentioned this was my first time experiencing Miss Saigon and I was not disappointed! I could type and type about the show but I don't want to ruin a second of it for you. Am I happy that the show chose to tour? Yes! Am I happy that the helicopter scene lived up to expectation? Yes! Would I see the show again? Yes! 

Miss Saigon runs until Saturday 23rd September at Birmingham Hippodrome, for tickets call 0844 338 5000 alternatively head to their website at

*The Brum Bloggers invited me to this event on behalf of the Birmingham Hippodrome.The drinks, food and ticket to Miss Saigon were complimentary however, the views and images are very much my own.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Cake Cake Cake...

Unless you've been completely walking around your city with your eyes shut you would have realised that dessert shops are popping up everywhere and by everywhere I mean everywhere. Town centres, villages, shopping centres, high streets... everywhere!!

Whether you're one scoop or two, a strawberry and white chocolate crepe, an Oreo waffle or peanut butter cup shake, the dessert shop phenomenon is taking over and I quite like it.

After a 5am wake up call and a full shift at work (on a Sunday may I add) the girls and I planned for dessert, to simply get us through our Sunday and well.....'cause we love cake. 

And then there was Eis Cafe - Small Heath, Birmingham. 

Eis Cafe is owned by four Spanish brothers who had dreams of owning an ice cream parlour and coffee shop when they were younger. Two of the brothers moved away to Germany for a while before all of them made their move to the UK.
It was then that Eis was born...The guys wanted to bring something new to the cafe phenomenon and with no experience they still knew that they wanted to be innovative and knowledgeable in all aspects of desserts and ice cream.

What we ate..

I had a peanut butter Pizookie ( pizza cookie which is cookie dough with toppings ) with Ferrero Rocher ice cream and M&Ms , the cookie dough was to die for however, my eyes were much bigger than my belly. My friend Kayleigh had a smores Pizookie, with a red velvet ice cream while Tammy had one of the famous Loco shakes,the Red Velvet loco shake to be exact. The shake looked amazing and was made up of strawberry pavlova, red velvet crumble cake and strawberry marshmallows. 

If you're ever in Birmingham or fancy the trip to Small Heath, Eis Cafe is a must! Infact the guys will be branching out in Dusseldorf in 2018, soon to be taking over Europe if they have their way.


Thursday, 10 August 2017

Not Just : The Ordinary (take two)

Approximately 4 weeks ago, back when the sun was shining, our skin was glowing and our toes perfectly polished in order to prance about in this seasons sandals , I purchased two items from the much raved about The Ordinary.

As discussed in a previous post Not Just : The Ordinary I purchased both the High -Adherence Silicone Primer and the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% via ASOS. The primer was a god send during our mini heat wave and firmly kept my face in place (read all about it above). However, today's post is regarding the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% that I’ve now been wearing for two weeks. 

The product is a high strength vitamin and mineral blemish formula which is:

  • Nut-free
  • Alcohol-free
  • Vegan
  • Oil-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Silicone-free

The formula contains Niacinamide, otherwise known as vitamin B3, which is meant to reduce skin blemishes and congestion. While the addition of Zinc is present to balance aspects of the sebum (oily substances, to you and I ).

I followed the guidelines of completing a patch test before initially applying the product, as I get far too freaked out at the thought of something going terribly wrong.
The liquid is in a frosted glass bottle along with a pipette for an easier application. The formula itself is very smooth, lightweight and glides upon the skin, it took about 10 minutes before I felt that it had completely sunk in.

I've now used the product both morning and evening for two weeks, minus the few days that I forgot.I have noticed that my pores now appear smaller and most importantly my skin seems a lot brighter, even in just under 14 days. I'd like to continue using the product to see if it can improve the unevenness in my tone, fingers crossed!

The formula is priced at only £5, which if you think about it is the same price as a large glass of Pinot reason for you not to try it.


Sunday, 6 August 2017

Bits of plus size loveliness..

Having recently started a new job, a job that I really do enjoy I’ve felt that this is the perfect excuse to peruse my favourite ( yet limited ) online stores, revisit those ever growing baskets and treat myself to a few bits of loveliness of the plus size variety.
For someone of my size and age I dread to think that I may ever look frumpy but also that I may appear to be trying too hard. I’m very conscious that people do look at me, judge me even and I’m terrified of fuelling that judgement and dare I say comments because of the way I choose to simply be me.
As discussed previously in my blog Hey, Hi, Hello, I’m not the most confident of girls, especially in the skin that I’m in however, a few of my basket treats have even surprised me. Don’t get me wrong, I will not be baring the tops of my arms nor will I be showing off my chubby brown and oddly pigmented legs anytime soon but at least I’m not saying never ( and that’s a big deal for me ).

Let’s face it ,shopping is hard at the best of times when you fall into any of the additional categories such as plus size, tall, petite, maternity let alone having on trend fashion thrust into your face knowing that it will not cater to you. My advice to you and I would be to at least try, you may even surprise yourself.

Happy Shopping,


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Chung Ying's Bloggers Banquet

I was recently invited to Chung Ying Garden, for a bloggers banquet. The event promised 100 Dim Sum, yes 100!!! I was really excited at the thought of the menu and being invited along via East Village. However, the thought of this being my first event was making me a little anxious.

Fast forward to the event and I'd met up with a lovely blogger, Becky and found myself a beer from the bar. Many smiling and welcoming faces greeted me and so it began..

James, the managing director of the Chung Ying Restaurant Group (yes, there are three of them ) began the night by discussing the Dim Sum dishes, both traditional and many that had you stepping outside of your comfort zone. 

And then there was food, so so much food...

My many favourites from the evening included the steamed scallops and king prawn dumplings and the steamed spare ribs in black bean sauce. I was not into the idea of the chicken feet which many people were trying but in order to try something out of my comfort zone, I tried the baby octopus and surprisingly enjoyed it.

I'd like to come back again with friends and get them to sample the many delights of Dim Sum at Chung Ying's Garden, to me a definite location for a social dining experience.


Friday, 28 July 2017

My Mane, under control..

My Mane

HOW?! How has it been 6 whole months since my last hair cut, my last colour?
I seem to go through phases of keeping on top of my regular trims, colours and the odd blow dry and then nothing. I guess maybe , just like everybody else life gets in the way. Family, friends, work commitments, ridiculous hours and money can impact every aspect of your life and apparently my hair maintenance too.

I've recently had a few months away from work to work on me and my health. Lots of free time, no fixed monthly income and a few holidays that were already planned have meant that certain things have had to be cut back financially, hence the state of my hair.

Things are now thankfully brighter in my world, with a new role that I adore however, not as bright as my hair it may seem.
It appears that after 6 months of no treatment, even silver shampoo can't save you and your balayage. My hair was looking more like a lion's mane than an actual head of hair, it had to change and quick.

My regular salon - Six One Six, who I totally trust with my hair, often show images of the amazing work of their apprentice via social media. Then it dawned on me... Apprentice = discounted rates but still with my salon expertise. 

A lightener, toner, cut and blow dry later and my hair felt amazing.
Especially after the state it arrived in, freshly washed, barely brushed and bright ginger in places. 

All in all, Thursday was a good day. New hair, my first ever blogger event followed by drinks with friends at The Botanist, Birmingham.

Hope your weeks going well,


(Can you tell I've started to watch Gossip Girl again? )

A plus size Autumnal wish list

Up until today I have been completely adamant that we are still to expect some warm summer days throughout September, cause' that'...