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Wedding Season For The Plus Size

Wedding Season For The Plus Size
I know, I know... I’ve been AWOL for what feels an eternity, but I’ve had my reasons. In short I’ve been trying to deal with life and all the issues that come along with that. Trying to maintain a work life balance along with tackling my mental health hasn’t left time for much else. But for now, I’m back! And facing one of the greatest challenges I’ve faced clothes wise..
What does one wear to a summer wedding? As a plus size girl the variety of clothing on offer is never great, it’s improving granted but it’s far from great. Gone are the days where I wish to be completed covered head to toe but I still need to feel comfortable and ideally fabulous. In recent years I’ve been a bridesmaid and well, that’s a whole different struggle in itself. This time round it’s the wedding of one of my absolute favourite people and my aim is to not only look but feel wonderful. A real smile on the day is a must! Floral, floral everywhere! I love a floral as much as…
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Cosy & Comfortable, The Plus Size Teddy Bear Coat

The clocks go back on Sunday which means the end to British Summer time as we know it and I think you'll all agree that we've been well and truly spoilt with this years offering of sunshine, warm evenings and ice cold ciders.

Whether you'd prefer the lighter nights over an extra hour in bed, cooler weather can mean only one thing.. Autumnal fashion. If you're anything like me you'll like nothing more than layers up on layers of chunky knitwear, jumper dresses, cable knit cardigan and bobble hat beanies.

This year we've also been blessed with the Teddy Bear jacket along with the Borg biker, longline coat and the faux fur bomber. This is the perfect piece to take us from Autumn to Winter and I for one cannot get enough. What's made me most happy is the amount of plus size options available to women like me in a variety of high street and online stores. 

I have a longline khaki teddy coat currently winging its way to me however, here are some are my other favouri…

Pleated Perfection with Elvi

Pleated Perfection with Elvi
I must firstly apologise for these poor attempts at photos, what can I say I'm never in front of the camera and more importantly I'm never in a bloody dress  ( well not without leggings ). But here I am, writing about me being in a dress, a surprise to us all no doubt. 

The DressIs it me or do pleats appear to be going nowhere anytime soon? I'm not complaining now that I've pretty much found my dress of dreams I'm open to everything else pleat wise, and have even taken a liking to many plisse items too ( I'd describe this as a crinkled pleated effect for those that don't know).

The dress of dreams or the 'Orla' from Elvi as it's actually known was a last minute yet very important purchase for me. It allowed me to feel comfortable yet AMAZING on the day that my best friend said "I Do". There was a whole saga surrounding this purchase, mainly as I didn't feel content or confident in my initial dress, whereas…

The Ivy Temple Row , Birmingham

The Ivy Temple Row Whether you've been residing on another planet for the last few months or are still waiting for your reservation date to arrive, as the sunshine arrived in Pigeon Park so did the arrival of The Ivy.

I was invited to along to a enjoy a Bloggers Brunch with Rewired PR and was incredibly excited to see if The Ivy Temple Row lived up to hype. It didn't let me down. The venue itself is beautiful, elegant and vibrant, full of rich coloured furnishings Art Deco vibes.

We were taken to the top floor to dine in private, in The Archer Room which over looked St Phillips Cathedral. As you'd expect this space oozed elegance, vibrancy and glamour and no doubt has since adorned many an Instagram account.
While taking in the many options on offer we enjoyed mini pastries with butter and preserves, tea, coffee my personal choice of a Beet It juice which contained beetroot, apple, lemon and ginger. This was a lovely refreshing addition to my breakfast. After mulling over the …

Don Diego Restaurante - Edgbaston, Birmingham

Glorious Mediterranean food can generally be found in sunnier climes. Ideally served alongside the beachfront, with the sea breeze in my hair and cocktail in hand unfortunately, I won’t be flying off anywhere soon but I have discovered a wonderful restaurant that has given me all of those Med food feels.
Introducing you to Don Diego Restaurante
This 20 cover service, Edgbaston restaurant is hidden away in a location that I’ve passed a million times and never noticed however, I’ll be sure to make a return visit or two. Don Diego is family run Restaurant in which one brother cooks and the others serves. Just off the Harborne Road you’ll be sure to find flavoursome, ascetically pleasing Mediterranean dishes, many sourced from local suppliers all within a superb price range.
My dates and I, two of whom were gluten free decided that Friday night would be our feast night and proceeded to order many a starter, social eating at its best. Between us we ordered the king Prawns in the most silky, he…

My Plus Size Swimwear Selection 2018

Now I don't know about you but I'm all snowed out. Whether this snow has been gifted to us via The beast from the East or Storm Emma, they can both quite frankly Eff Off. Apparently Spring has sprung yet no one appears to have passed on that memo to Mother Nature, well I'm just about ready to shout it from the snowy rooftops.

The only thing likely to perk me up anytime soon is a holiday, a lazy beach, cocktail drinking by the pool, filling my face with seafood, horrific tan line holiday. Realistically it won't happen as soon as I would like or need it to but that doesn't stop me lusting after all things 'holiday'.

As a plus size women I've been pleasantly surprised by the swimwear that my go to curve ranges are offering this season. I know that as individuals some of us have our insecurities, I certainly have parts of me that I wish weren't visible to anyone including me. However, when it comes to holidays I tell myself to suck it up as much as possi…

Why Not Coffee, Why not Bearwood?

Why Not Coffee?

I'm now on my second visit to Why Not Coffee within five days and I feel the need to tell you about my new favorite hangout. They must be doing something right as they have me out of my house in -5 degrees and they've got me wanting to write which is something I haven't done for such a long time.
As I sit here cradling my coconut hot chocolate , the best one I've ever had may I add I notice such a variety of people,  local people with familiar faces socialising, working, reading and even skyping, not a bad spot for little old Bearwood. For those that don't know, we are about ten minutes from Birmingham City Centre and sometimes what feels fifty years behind but every now and then something surprises me like Why Not Coffee.
It's full of rustic charm and a small yet delightful menu to match. A menu that I'll have no doubt worked my way through over the next few weeks. If you find yourselves on the outskirts of Birmingham and in need of a coffee …